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Four Winds Equine Experience

Unlock your inner wisdom and gain powerful insights while participating in ground based activities with our magnificent Four Winds horses. Their honesty, compassion and willingness to connect with you allows for powerful transformation.


Equine Assisted Learning

Perfect for team building, staff development, youth & school groups.

Ground based interactions with our horses are designed to focus on the areas specific to you, your team or group.

Participants engage in ground based exercises (no riding involved) and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and relaxed environment while partnering with horses as their teacher. Areas of focus include leadership, teambuilding, trust, conflict resolution, problem solving, relationship and confidence building. Using our effective life skills programs approach, these sessions are all delivered in a relaxed, rural setting, with our equine guides leading the way. A great way to build a better team, learn more about yourself and improve communication skills.


Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling goes beyond focusing solely on the symptoms or challenges presented by an individual. It considers all aspects of a person’s life, including their physical health, emotions, thoughts, relationships and spiritual beliefs. Rather than treating the symptoms, a Holistic counsellor looks deeper to the underlying causes.

By recognising that mental and emotional wellbeing are closely interconnected and affect our physical health, Holistic counselling addresses all these aspects and can help depression, anxiety, improve sleep patterns and enhance overall quality of life.
Mindfulness practices, stress management techniques, communication skills and self care routines are just to name a few areas included.

Equine guided interactions in combination with a session are also available, horses offer their unconditional acceptance, something often missing in a relationship and deeply healing when experienced.

1st Initial session : 1 hour


Naturopathy Consultations

In person or online, a naturopathy consultation with Anita involves a thorough health assessment evaluating the your concerns, body systems, diet, and lifestyle through techniques like iris analysis and examining the tongue and nails. Anita will develop an affordable, personalised treatment plan. Feel empowered to actively improve your health and vitality through consistent adjustments. Anita likens the process to nurturing a seedling, emphasising commitment, patience, and tending to the body’s needs for it to flourish.


Healing with Horses

Horses are beautiful animals, sensitive, intelligent, kind and strong. They live in connection with their herd and each horse has a place in the herd. Horses remind us of our inherent core need for belonging and place in our communities.

They are gentle and honest, what they experience or feel they express, they do not have the ability to lie and embody authenticity.

Horses live closely connected to their senses, instincts and feelings and have the ability to feel from a distance, responding to our thoughts as much as feelings. They notice everything in their environment, which includes us.

They can offer non-judgemental feedback with an acceptance that is very different to people, one that often evokes strong emotions in the horse – human relationship.

Through interactions with the healing nature of horses, we are offered unique opportunities to heal ourselves, our relationships and our lives.


Meet Anita

Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Naturopathic Herbalist & Holistic Counsellor

In her work as a Naturopathic Herbalist / Iridologist , over the past 30 years, Anita has guided her clients with compassion and caring in better understanding themselves, through gently stimulating the body’s own healing systems to rebuild their health and to live a more grounded and healthy lifestyle. 

Her love of horses has always held a strong presence in her life and has worked with International horse trainers, Equine guided practitioners, Equine Herbalist and various mentors on her journey who have all imparted their wisdom and knowledge of horses, how they can teach us and heal us.

Nature and horses are her foundation for living a life with purpose. It is in these relationships that she loves to share with people who are on their path of healing, discovery and growth. 

As a qualified and certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator Anita shares her lifelong knowledge, experience and wisdom with her clients partnering with the magnificent Four Winds herd, who individually bring their own healing qualities.

Combining the healing qualities of plant medicine, Holistic counselling and horses, led by her magnificent mare, a treasured partner of 24 years, Anita combines a unique combination of healing modalities to best suit the needs of her clients on their wellness journey.

Anita and the Four Winds herd live in the beautiful Southern Highlands they call home, with their 2 golden retrievers, burmese cat and 3 chickens.

“These majestic animals show us how we need to change, to move forward.”

Anita Wilson, Accredited Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator


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